Monday, February 11, 2013

Delta Tau Delta

Congratulations to Delta Tau Delta for having the best roll call at their convention this weekend and being recognized as one of the top 20 Delta Tau Delta chapters in the country! We are all so proud of the hard work you put into the chapter!

Order of Omega Scholarships

Congratulations to Miriam Schmid, Wes Tish, and Carianne Brady for being awarded Order of Omega Scholarships!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sign up for TIPS Training!

 TIPS Training sessions for spring 2013 are now available.  There are currently ten sessions open, with seats for 30 students in each session.  Courses typically run about 3 hours from start to finish.  At completion of the course and upon passing a short exam, participants will receive a TIPS certification, good for 4 years.

Any student may attend the course; fraternity and sorority chapter RAs, Risk Management Chairs, and executive boards are required to be TIPS trained.  If they have not done the training previously they must be trained this semester.  If you have already been trained (and passed) you do not need to go through the training again.

Please use this link ( ) to register.  Students must sign up at least two business days prior to the session in order to participate.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Greek Council Awards Fall 2012

At the final meeting of Greek Council, Greek awards for the past semester were given out to the following chapters and individuals:

Highest GPA Spring 2012: Kappa Phi Delta
Highest New Member GPA Spring 2012: Alpha Sigma Alpha
Most Improved GPA Spring 2012: Alpha Sigma Phi

Outstanding Greek of the Year: Miriam Schmid, Alpha Sigma Alpha
Outstanding Contributor to Philanthropy: Mikie Smit, Phi Kappa Sigma
Outstanding Scholar of the Year: Wes Tish, Delta Tau Delta
Outstanding New Member of the Year:  Nick Taluzek, Delta Tau Delta
Outstanding Chapter President: Kent Burlingame, Phi Kappa Sigma
All Greek Award: Jeff Bednarz, Sigma Phi Epsilon


Greek Football Results!

Greek Football Champions 2012: Sigma Phi Epsilon
Second Place: Alpha Sigma Phi
Third Place: Pi Kappa Phi 
Fourth Place: Delta Tau Delta

Congratulations to all teams on a great season!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nominees for Greek Council

Executive Board:
President: Alexis Renk (ZPO), Bill Molchan (ASP), Dan Zweig (SPE), William Syvongsa (DTD), Miriam Schmid (ASA)

VP of Community: Billy Strnad (PKS), Joannas Joseph (SPE), Elliot Higert (SPE)

VP of Philanthropy: Katie Peters (ASA), Brandyn Osbourne (DTD), Rory Barrett (SPE), Jihad Zeid (PKS), Jeffrey McQuiston (SPE)

VP of Operations: Stephen Pepper (Triangle), Brandyn Osbourne (DTD)

VP of Recruitment: Marisa Haire (KPD), David Moreno (SPE), Mike Purdy (SPE)

VP of Education: David Moreno (SPE), Sarah Romine (ASA), Joshua Harris (SPE)

Application Form

Chair Positions:
Senator: Leslie Lyons (ASA), Bill Molchan (ASP), Jacob McCurry (DTD), Sirgi Theophilus (SPE), Dane Christianson (SPE)

Social: Bill Molchan (SPE), Amy Carrera (KPD), Joanna Klimczak (KPD), Emilio Ortiz (PKP), Jefferson West (SPE), Joe Valio (SPE)

Sports: Justin White (ASP), Tim M (ASP), Jacob Mansfield (DTD), Clay Houser (DTD), Joanna Klimczak (KPD), Josh Buck (SPE), Mike Purdy (SPE), Bobby Fiedler (SPE), Matt Whittam (SPE), Matt Bond (SPE), Jeff Bednarz (SPE), Carianne Brady (ZPO)

PR: Eva Kim (ASA), Cara Cummings (KPD), Samaksh Kamdar (PKP), Jeff McQuiston (SPE)

JRM: Elaine Erwin (KPD), Zach White (PKP), Emilio Ortiz (PKP), Frank Morris (SPE), Dan Hanke (SPE), Alexis Renk (ZPO)

Application Form